quinta-feira, novembro 11, 2004

Broadbeans with chouriço

Aqui fica a versão Google da musica "A Pouco e Pouco" de josé cid. A musica traduzida pelo google.

Little and Little
Letter and music - Jose Cid (1979)

They are 7 and half, love|
You have to go to work|It

You wake up me with a kiss
E a smile in the look
E you raise me of the bed
Later straps me the pyjamas
I make the beard
E gives in the radio
The Zé Cid to sing

Apanho the Autocarro
I go to think about you
Lava the small ones
To the infantile garden

I arrive at the distribution
I give a kiss in the notary
E nor I touch the secretary
How it is so good!


Little and little a great love is constructed
Of banal so small things e
A smile is enough
A simple ones to look at
A way to love the two (bis)

To the 5 and stocking in point
You telephone me to say it:

I do not know to live without you love|
I do not know what to make|It

It makes me broadbeans with chouriço
My favourite plate
When I arrive supper
Nor I almost believe!

You were dressed of white
A flower in the hair
The small ones in the bed
E you lit the fogueira
I go to be the entire life
To live in this way

I and you and you and I and you and I and you



At 4:46 da tarde, Anonymous Anónimo said...

andas com a mania do José Cid e do Inglês...


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